Turning Archive 2004

Curious Dilemna

Chuck Ludwigsen
>So, to be fair, I went back through the log of all new posts from this past Monday. There was only 1 post that got absolutely NO replies. It was mine in which I showed the first things I've been able to turn to completion since going through all this medical stuff.

So I have a dilemna. What was it that prompted NO response? Was it the photo quality? I only have a 1.5 mega pixel camera, but do my best with it. Was it that the turned items weren't impressive? Well, maybe. Fortunately, the recipients liked them. Was it what I said? I can't say. But I've never said anything to or regarding anyone here that could ever be taken as anything but complimentary and respectful.

So what are your thoughts? I may be over-reacting. I reserve the right to be wrong. When it happened the first couple times in the past, I inquired with a couple gentlemen whose work and contribution I respect. But they say the third time is a charm.

Anyway, it seems a message with no reply was an unwanted message. So if it is unwanted, should I refrain from posting anything here?

Chuck in Memphis, TN.

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