Turning Archive 2004

Getting back in gear.

Chuck Ludwigsen
>I'm finally getting more time at the lathe after all the medical junk. Feels good again. Here are a few items I turned this weekend.

This is a "Muddler", a drink-mixing implement familiar to most bartenders and used to crush ingredients in the glass for certain mixed drinks. When my boss asked if I knew what it was and if I could make one, I was able to say yes because I saw someone else post some recently.

This one is Quilted Maple and is about 11" long and about 1-1/2" at the widest and 1-1/8" at the business end.

These are a couple pens I completed this weekend as well. The slimline is Cherry and the Designer is Maple Burl. The finish is multiple Friction Polish applications.

Thanks for taking a look. I've enjoyed looking at everyone's work, but it felt good to do some of my own.

Take care, everyone.
Chuck in Memphis, TN.

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