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I hope this isn't a mistake

Bill Grumbine, Kutztown PA
>Following up my question about the power lift over the weekend, I had an opportunity fall right into my lap. SWMBO's boss took down a large maple tree and asked her if I wanted the trunk. This thing is about 24" x 15' according to her boss, who I trust to be reasonably accurate in these matters.

So, she says, get the lift. That way she doesn't have to help schlep the logs into the back of the truck. I called three HF stores within reasonable driving distance and two at extreme driving distance, and none of them had this lift. Some people told me that the store did not carry them, and two told me to call back the day the truck comes in to see if they get any. One person must have been with the group of teenagers I saw at the sawmill. I gave him the stock number - 47591.

He replied "47951".

"No, 47951."

"Sorry, 4-7-5-9-1."

"NO, 47951."

"Okay, just give me those numbers, 4-7-5-9-1."


I have no idea whether they have the thing or not. Probably neither does he.

So, I called the catalog number, and they are shipping it to me. I asked what would happen if if proved not to be suitable for my needs. The lady told me they would send a call to pick it up. I hope I am not risking a whole bunch of money here. Shipping on this 140 lb item is FREE!?!. It will take up to two weeks to get here, but if I want it within one week, I can pay $80.00. I went with free. I just hope I am not going to be whacked $80.00 if I have to send it back.

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