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Gift for my Dad-Tools

>My Dad is having his 65 birthday and is retiring
on the same day. My sisters, my mom, and I want to purchase some tools for him-some really nice tools. Dad had a JET lathe which came with some tools-not even HSS ! He makes pens with his lathe, really nice ones. He also makes some smaller items like key chains, pill cases, and more. He is using a 1/2" skew and a 3/8 gouge.
Question 1: Which specific tool maker makes the nicest tools for pen makers?
Question 2: Where to purchase these tools?
Question 3: Which two, three, four, or five tools-specific tools either with handles or also which handles are the best for pen making? (For example Crown Pro-PM 3/4" skew chisel, or Oneway 1/2" Double MastercutSpindle Gouge.)
We need to order these tools within one week, so we can get these for the party. The price is not a big issue-there are many people chipping in money for these gifts.
Thank you so much for your help in advance. I tried calling two stores, and they didn't know that much about pen turning. I hope you can help us!

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