Turning Archive 2004

Ebonized bowl *PIC*

Duane C.Leach
>This is in response to a therad a few days ago abuot ebonizing wood. This bowl was rough thuned from green ambrosia maple just like normal. Then I stuffed it full with the cheapest steel wool I could find and white vinager. Let it set on a rack over a bucket to catch the drippings that seeped through. The drippings were poured back into bowl 3-4 times per day. After desired staining was met the bowl was emptied, warshed,sealed and left to dry.From here on it's treated like any other bowl.
The blackness depends on wood species,how long it's treated,how much steel wool is used, and many more. Process works best on end grain and can go thruogh several inches of end grain. Some of the surfaces not in contact with liquid will dry and crack,use a spray bottle and fresh water to keep them wet.Treatment for several weeks will let a dark red rust to apear.

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