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Survey - Anyone got only 1 lathe? :)

Mike Rubes, Apex, NC
>Hi all,

Just kidding :) However, Mike's thread about multiple lathes below did get me thinking about the progression from smaller lathes to bigger ones. Almost everyone said they have a big one and a small one. I'm wondering how many people made what seems to be the natural progression from having a small lathe to having a bigger one and then just kept the smaller one around?

I've got a Jet Mini which I really like, but definitely plan to move up to a bigger lathe at some point. Space is really the issue for me as I currently have my shop in a relative's garage in the next town over! I feel bad enough taking up as much space as I do. However, in the future when my "big one" arrives, I don't plan to get rid of the Jet Mini. I'll just use it for buffing and for smaller items.

Anyway, just curious as to how many multiple lathe owners (and owners of big lathes) got the big one by "moving on up", so to speak.



Dreaming of a Oneway 1640 or General 26020 in Apex, NC....

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