Turning Archive 2004

Owning more than one of anything

>I read with amusement the previous posts about all of the people that own more than one lathe. I am sure most of us own multiples of any one thing. I have 3 table saws, 2 bandsaws, many corded and cordless drills, etc. Men {and some women} should not feel bad about owning all of that stuff. Women do it too. My sister is a big time quilter. Every fall, she and 3 of her quilting friends come to a resort near where I live and spend a week quilting, touring quilting shops, etc. Last fall I went over to visit them and just as an offhand remark asked how many sewing machines they owned. All confessed to owning 4 to 9. Many were the expensive, computer controlled, modern machines that cost as much as many of my machines. I thought the whole thing was kind of funny and they actually were quite sheepish when they finally counted up how many machines they owned. Jared

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