Turning Archive 2004

Cheap Lathe Received *PIC*

Jeff S
>Yippie! On Thursday I found out that I got promoted. My neighbor has been bugging me about buying his lathe that he never uses. Finally I asked him how much he wanted for it about a week ago, he said how about 50 bucks? I said I would think about it. So I come home on Thursday trying to figure out what I am going to buy as a "promotion present" and he comes over and says all right, I will sell the lathe and the grinder for 50 bucks, I said SOLD! I gotta love free stuff when I didn't even talk him down! It included the lathe, stand, tools and grinder.

The lathe also includes a screw drive chuck, 3 face plates and a 4 jaw chuck. Everything I can think of needing for the time being.

You can see the first project on it a bat sitting in front of it.

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