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Hovey sighting in Longview, WA.

Dave Smith, Longview, WA
>Hovey Moore stopped by Friday and believe it or not he wanted to turn on my Jet-1236. I didnít think he could or would stoop that low. Hovey wanted me to show him a cut I used for roughing out bowls. I think he just wanted to use my Glaser gouge.

Hovey is a big fellow and the last time I saw him we were dismantling a large bigleaf maple tree. We used up all our Anchorseal on that tree and Hovey had a bucket sent to me that we bought on shares. I sent him on his way with some fresh apple blanks and his share of the end sealer.

I did check to make sure my Glaser gouge was still in my shop when he left.

Thanks for looking

Dave Smith

Turners are always welcome in Longview, WA.

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Hovey sighting in Longview, WA.
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