Turning Archive 2004

Eat your hearts out

Dick Hines
>I found out a guy I know is into making black powder rifles. Well I went to where he has his woos stash and you would mot beleave the stuff he is throwing away. The wood needed for gun stocks and the wood for turning is 180 apart. He throws burls in the trash pile. NOT ANY MORE HE DOESN"T!

He was cutting a walnut log when I got there and I would have killed for the plank he got. Unreal! Of course I did not get any of that. I did get 4 pieces of walnut one a burl and a real nice piece of cherry. He also has some curly maple he is not going to use. Guess where that will be by next week?

He took me over to his pile of logs and there was a walnut stump that was 8' across the base. Not kidding. We figured the tree was atleast 300 years old. I have his mill down for a visit every Friday. Best of all is he wanted nothing for his throw aways but he will get a couple nice bowls.

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