Turning Archive 2004

Is it firewood?

Matthew George
>I had this little chunk o' Live Oak sitting on the garage floor, and when completely rounded into a blank, it's maybe 6". So last night I start to make it bowl-shaped when...

I notice a crack start to appear in the end-grain. The crack is only about 1.5" long, and it's maybe 3/64" or so wide, and it doesn't go from top to bottom of the blank. So I finished turning the outside to (somewhat) of a final shape. I turned a tenon for the Nova chuck, filled the developing cracks with cyanoacrylic glue; and then I put the whole thing in a plastic bag for the night.

This blank is (by far) the driest wood I've attempted to make a rough bowl with (half a dozen previous bowls). More dry sawdust on the floor than long curly shavings.

What are the odds I can hollow this and have something usable? Will it continue to crack and just explode on me? Or should I just chuck it into the firewood pile now?


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