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New Lathe *PIC*

Mark Kauder, Phenix City, AL
>Well, I finally did it. I got a bigger lathe. My shop space is limited, and I learned from having my club's Jet1642 in there for two weeks, that as much as I might like some lathes, any new lathe's footprint in my shop would be an issue.
I have been looking at the Vega 2400 for a couple of years now. I got a chance to look at one in the flesh and turn for a few minutes on it last fall in Statesville, NC., and I liked what I saw.
After helping Vega sell the VS motors they had for Mini lathes, they told me that if I was in the market for a bigger lathe, that they would give a good deal.
So, this last weekend, I took posession of a Vega 2400 at the IWF2004 show in Atlanta. They gave me a good deal, and I was able to avoid shipping costs. I finally got it in the shop (with the help of 3 healthy co-workers) at noon on Monday, and had it up and running by 8pm that night.
At present I have only "played" a little with it - mounting a couple of 14" Ambrosia Sycamore bowls that I roughed out on the 1642 back in April. Since they are still not 100% dry, I just "re-rounded" them so that I can now let them finish drying in the house.
My initial impression is very, very good. Powerful, smooth, small footprint, 500lbs and has space in the bottom for more ballast. I love the ability to stand right in front of the bowl w/o the bed in the way and turn with the tool handle really low on my hip (a la a VB36).
I am not a fan of the tool rest, though it is not as bad as my first impression of it was. It is steel, and makes more noise than a cast Iron one. I am a fan of the Best Wood Tool rest system, and have several, but do not yet have a post to fit this lathe.

Just thought I would post these pictures today.

My Jet Mini and cabinet is backed up against it - still not sure what to do with that.

I intend to write a more thorough review after I have explored this critter for a while.


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