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Ash Vase (pic)

Bill Grumbine, Kutztown PA
>Good morning all

A little while ago I posted asking for suggestions on finishing ash so as to avoid that yellow look that it often seems to get. Here is the result.

This piece has not been finished all that long, but it has some promise. I sprayed it with Fuhr 355, which is a waterborne varnish I use for a production job that I do. It did not darken the wood noticably - in fact, I had trouble seeing if there was varnish on the wood at all while spraying!

This particular piece of wood came from a tree I obtained a few years ago. The edge was extremely waney in many places, and I tried picking the bark off. It came off the freshly cut wood easily, but once that stuff dried, it could have been used to glue tiles onto the space shuttle! So, I left the bark on this one, which turned out not to have as much interest in the rim anyway. I did pick the dust out of the bug holes, which turned out to be almost as hard as the wood itself (again). Now if we could only train the bugs to pick up after themselves...

Finished size is 7" tall and 7 1/2" in diameter. Thanks for taking a look.


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Ash Vase (pic)
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Ash Vase
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