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Incompatibility:Lacquer & Rust-o-leum spray paint?

Dominic Greco in Richboro PA
>This past weekend I got a chance to finally make some bowl/platter stands. These things are very simple in construction. The original design came from Bill Neddow & Brad Adams of WOW. The stand consists of an upright that is about 1" shorter than your bowl platter is wide. The (2) legs were made 4" long (approx.) sections of 3/8" diameter dowels, with 1" diameter wooden spheres glued to the ends. The upright can be made from a piece of figured wood, roughly 3/4" x 3/4" x "A" long. ("A" being the diameter of the bowl minus 1")

On 2 adjacent faces of the upright, drill (2) 3/8" dia holes, 1/2" up from the bottom. They will be 90 degrees apart. Glue in the legs and your done.

I've seen these stands made so that the dowel/sphere assemblies were painted black, while the upright was given a coat of oil to pop the grain. Thats the way I wanted to go. So I spray painted the legs black using flat black Rust-o-leum I had on hand. When dry assembled to the upright, they looked awesome. It was then that I decided to give the entire assembly a coat of spray lacquer. Great idea, up to the point where the legs turned a sickly gray in color! Obviously, there is some type of incompatibility between the spray Rust-o-leum and the spray lacquer.

Does anyone know why this happened? And what kind of paint can I color the legs with that is compatible with spray lacquer? I think Bill Neddow used India Ink. Anything else (readily available) that I can use? I think Behlen's makes a black stain that might work. But I prefer to use some type of spray finish because it gives you such a smooth surface. BTW, the dowels are pine, and the spheres are oak or maple.

Thanks in advance,


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