Turning Archive 2004

Yippee! Mostly done.

Don Henthorn
>In spite of a mouse problem will try to post. the conversion of the Jet 1014 is practically finished. I followed Mark Kauder's lead and it was fairly simple. Unlike Mark I elected to keep the original switch so the speed control is the only thing on the stalk. This just meant disconnecting the motor cable from the switch and putting in a new cable from the switch to the converter. I made a little walnut hanger to bring the cable down from inside the ways and around the corner to the control box stalk. The first view is front right. The walnut control box doesn't show up well.

The second pic is from the left rear and shows the little walnut hanger hust under the headstock.

The third pic is from the left front and allows the cooling fan to be seen. I was disappointed that the fan which I ordered from ebay had to be mounted outside the motor box, but I will fix that when I make the permanent setup after my house sells and I am moved.

I am pleased with the way it works. When I turn on the switch only the fan comes on. Then as I turn the speed control the motor ramps up to speed. I estimate my lowest speed with usable torque to be about 80 to 90 rpms. It is sure nice to be able to turn to the lower speed for sanding. If you are interested in making the changeover, Mark Kauder's post of Dec. 3, 2003 is great.

Thanks for looking

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