Turning Archive 2004

Rusting Ways (long)

Mike Foster
>I have just recently started doing some turning after a long year and a half spent mostly on a major renovation of our house. Much of the turning I have done in the past was on dry, or semi-dry wood (I do a lot of segmented work). As I just moved to our new home in Vermont with 100 acres of wooded land I felt like I struck a bonanza. I've got some good wood off the property, and have been given wood by loggers and tree surgeons. I'm considering doing limited bowl production and have recently roughed out a few bowls. The first were of some great curly ash I scored. I noticed that any cast iron the ash sat on rusted almost immediately. I thought that may have been due to tannins in the wood, but I just turned a wet maple bowl and found that the ways of the lathe were completely rusted by the time I was done (maybe 2-3 hours, I'm slow and was actually turning it to completion short of sanding). Anyone else experience this? Any solutions/prevention?

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