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Is this a Gloat?

W.C. Turner
>Went to the Nashville Flea Market today & ran across a New, Milwaukee Right Angle/Close Quarter drill. The vender had it priced $100 on one side, & on the other side $95. I said I'll give you $50. He said how about $75? I said I'll come back by before we leave. I returned, I said $60, & he said $65. Will it run? He plugged it in, Yes. Took it home for $65. BTW, it didn't have the manual with it.

I thought I had a gloat on the way home, & when I got there I looked in an old catalog. Found what appeared to be my drill. It was a Milwaukee 0375-6. Mine is an Heavy Duty Milwaukee 0375-1. But, both are; 3/8", 3.5 Amp, 55 angled chuckpaddle switch, double insulated , & double gearing. And, oh yeah, 0-1300 RPM. Then I looked at the Sioux model, (which I believe is also made by Milwaukee) right above the Milwaukee, & saw the speed was 0-2500, that's when I remembered that I should get the higher speed for sanding. Oh, and another drawback, it has a keyed chuck, instead of the keyless.

So, T.D., & all you others here, that use the 0-2500 rpm version, or Sioux version of this drill for sanding, Is this a Gloat, or am I the Goat?



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