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Woody teardrop trailer *PIC* *LINK*

Roly Nelson
>I have been a woodturner since before I retired, and love turning stuff on my lathes. This is a portion of the woodwork that I have done on my one-of-a-kind woody teardrop trailer that I have just built. Knowing that I wanted no metal showing, I elected to make wood-turned Ford-style tail lights, and wood-spoked wheels, all cranked out on my Delta lathe.

This is the greatest wood-turning website that I have ever come across and I monitor it daily. If you want to see the whole teardrop project, here is my webpage: http://gages-56.com/roly.html.

Thanks for your time, and hopefully you can post these pics, as I am very proud of the time and effort that I invested in creating my turnings. I know that isn't anything special, but to non-woodturners, they can't believe it can be done. Thanks for your time. Keep 'em spinning

Roly Nelson, Lake Elsinore li'l ol' woody teardrop builder...........ME!

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