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gloat - Pen Press..... *LINK*

Fred in NC
>I have been using a homemade pen press made from an old hand drill stand, the kind that you put a hand drill on, and it works like a drill press.

Recently I ordered a close-out item from Grizzly, their item G9839, Hand Punch Press. It came in today (4 days UPS regular !). Cost $13.95 + $5.95 shipping.

This item seems to be more adaptable to the needs of a pen maker than anything I have seen before, even a regular arbor press. It has bolts that can be adjusted to limit the travel, a hole with set screw for a ram, and threaded holes to locate the poly or wood base for the pen barrel.

I am going to make a 'ram' from UHMW poly, and a base with a little hole in it for the pen tip. I will post some pics later on.

Grizzly told me this morning that they have a FEW more units available.

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