Turning Archive 2004

Wood gloat

Robert Tarr
>Well gang, the gloat from Monday is paying off. The fine fellow at the town works called me last night to let me know he had a large piece of black walnut if I wanted it. I said sure and that I would be right down. I should have known something was up when he asked how long the bed of my truck was....I get there and he has sawed the log into three sections, each 6 feet long and about 16-18 inches in diameter. I was able to load them into the back of my truck (heavy as they are fresh) and got them home. Since I work in the basement and don't like bugs in the house, I used a straight hoe as a bark spud and removed the bark from all three. Split one in half and then took a 3 inch section from it (will be the seat for a new shaving horse) and cut up the rest of it for blanks for bowls. I also cut up half of another log for bowls...man, that is a lot of work with a tiny chainsaw and I can't wait for the UPS man to get here with the Stihl's.

It was getting late, so I put the biggest log and a half in the shed and took the rest of my spoils downstairs. My wife did some skill drills on a piece of wet cherry and then I cut and mounted up one of the walnut blanks for a bowl. I got the outside roughed and am really feeling the need for quality and long handled tools. I put the blank in a trash bag and will get back to it tonight after a session of sharpening things.

Thanks for all the great info on process and tools here guys. Given me the info and encouragement to jump off of yet, another woodworking cliff.


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