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Some Hollowing Questions??

>Hi All,

I bought the Don Pencil Scorpion and Stinger hollowing set last Fall and am for the first time just now putting it to use on something other than a tiny weed pot. I've got a piece on the lathe that is about 10" tall and 6" in diameter. This is the largest hollow form that I've attempted and I'm discovering it's more involved than I thought. My first mistake that I discovered was to place the tool rest on the curved portion of the gooseneck instead of behind it on the straight part of it. I popped in my J.Jordan Hollow Turning video late last night and got that one figured out. A small but important detail. That one should have probably been obvious.....but it takes me a while :)

I've got the cutters in the hollower hitting right above center....I'm pretty sure this is correct? Also, at what speed should I be turning this particular piece? It's a solid piece with no voids or cracks. I'm right at about 1000 RPM? Faster Slower? Just right?

Also do any of the women out there find that even the short hand grip is too long? I'm thinking I might cut mine shorter and add some more padding just to fill up the curved rest. My arm seems to be flopping around quite a bit in it. I tend to be holding the tool with a death grip and I'm sure that can't be good for me or the piece I'm turning.

Any added tips,reading, or videos that you might think of to help me out would be much appreciated. I have high aspirations for this piece of wood on the lathe....and don't want to blow it, if you know what I mean.

Thanks again,

Jennifer : )

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