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Tools suggestions please...

Robert Case
I need to purchase some new tools for both bowl turning-"normal sized", and pens with my
JET JWL-1236....I was thinking about the following:
1. 3/8" Spindle Gouge
2. 1/2" Bowl Gouge
3. 3/4" Roughing Gouge
4. 1/8" Parting Tool
5. Talon or Stronghold chuck?
6. Any thoughts-substitutions?
Now the questions...I sold some stuff, so can spend some $$$ on the "best" tools for me-I want
tools which will last a long time, and work well.
There are so many different brands of tools, which would you recommend?
1. Crown PRO-PM (powder metal)
2. Crown HSS
3. Glaser?
4. Packard tools
5. Ellsworth tools
6. Sorby tools
7. Any others or specifics? From the least
expensive set to the most expensive, there is not
too much a spread.
8. For my lathe, is the Talon or Stronghold better? Is the Stronghold too big and heavy?
Does it "crush" the wood too easily?
9. For sharpening, just a regular slow speed grinder? Or with the Oneway wolverine tool?
Any other suggestions? Tormek?
Please either post a reply, or email me directly. Thanks,

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