Turning Archive 2004

Need measurement from Jet 16" lathe, please.

Al Crandall
>I have volunteered to make a couple of vacuum chucks for our club's lathe, but the building where the lathe lives is 42 miles from my house and I don't know if it would be open to give me access to the lathe even if I drove there to measure. The lathe is the new Jet 16", and I need to know the length of the spindle from one end of the bore to the other. Also needed is the distance from the inboard end of the spindle to the shoulder at the end of the threads where attachments seat.

All my chucks utilize a threaded lamp rod fitted inside the spindle to make the connection between the chuck and the rotating connector on the outboard end of the lathe. The length of this rod is what I am trying to determine. Any and all help would be appreciated. Al

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