Turning Archive 2004

turned Ford-style tail lights and wood spoke wheel *LINK*

>I guess I don't know enough about this picture-posting stuff. I have built an all-wood teardrop trailer, and turned 2 model A Ford style tail lights, including curved lense covers, plus the wood-spoke wheel covers, cranked out on my lathe, 16 spokes, all alike and oak-splined rim rings. Hoped to share them but...duhhhh. This lathe is great, has opened a whole new world for me at age 72, but all of this GIF and JPEG stuff is over my head, but I am willing to learn. I am happy that I learned how type in 1947 and can post stuff and explore the internet. So many of my "old buddies " won't even try it. I've got some neat progress pics and know how to send them in an email, but 40 kilobytes, what's that? Help! Roly Nelson, Lake Elsinore, So Calif.

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