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Longer pen mandrel

Joe Pack
>I managed to get into a major craft show for mid-October, and I have a whole bunch of pen turning to do between now and then.

In many cases, it takes longer to mount and dismount pens and other small turnings than to turn and finish them. I can mount 2 small items on the same mandrel, but am thinking about doing the same thing with pens.

I am not "heavy handed," letting the tools do the work, so, if I can find a mandrel long enough to mount 2 pens on at one time, I think (hope) I can keep flex to a minimum, particularly with the thicker "B" mandrels. If I can manage to do this, I should be able to speed production considerably.

I am not much of a machinist, but, if I can find the right size mandrel material, I can manage to thread the end for the nuts. Any suggestions as to material and sources?

Also, if I am WAY off base with my thinking, feel free to chime in there also. Right now, I am thinking I don't have much to lose.

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