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Variable speed changeover progress

Don Henthorn
>Well, I am finally getting with it and it is not going too bad. I started out with a piece of plywood that is an inch short just as Mark's cabinet top was. I went to HD to get a larger sheet and when I saw the price and the product I changed my mind.

There is nothing hard about the project. I lucked out in that the pulley and the motor mounting clamp slid into the cavity without having to grind any metal off the belt changing opening. I did have a problem with the motor mount that was jury rigged at the last minute so the motors could be shipped. As the pic below shows the "craftsman" who welded the joining patch on didn't much care what he was doing since he wouldn't have to deal with it.

If he had welded the patch on the top everything would have been cool. As it was the welds were even lower than the patch making the motor sit on a slant if the motor was fastened down through the slots which are for that purpose. I filed the welds down flat and inserted 1/2" washers under the mounting slots. The washers are about .002 thicker than the plate which makes the motor sit flat on the mounting plate.

I elected to keep the original switch which will mean the controls will not both be on the stalk, but I can live with that, in fact I think I will like it better.

I am looking for a fan and can find lots of them but the ones I find don't have filters on them. I have decided to just stretch a layer of nylon hose over the intake side and try that for a while. I still have to build the box for the motor and controller and mount the fan wnd wire it in when I get it and build the stalk for the potentiometer.

Still haven't a clue as to how I am going to determine the speeds for marking the dial.

I like the setups where the motor is under the lathe in a cabinet, but at my age getting down to work in a cabinet is a real pain. Mark's setup has some things I like better than the cabinet, so I am not disappointed.

Thanks for listening.

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