Turning Archive 2004

Tonight's chat - finishing - Deluxing

Sam Simpson
>Hi Y'all,

Finishing wood can be divided into three equal parts. Prep, finish application and final rubbing, or Deluxing.

Most finishers quickly get an understanding of how important preparation is, because the lack of it is very apparent in the finish application stage. I'm talking about evenness of sanding, grain filling and the repair of other blemishes.

Sizing, sealing and staining are included in the finish application stage, and like the prep, we discus the variations of these methods in our chats on a regular basis.

But one thing that rarely comes up is the methods of Deluxing or final rubbing. Every finish needs it. It is the step that determines how the light will be reflected and refracted from the finish. It also delivers that silky smooth feel that all good finishes posses.

It can be as simple as buffing out wax, or as complex as compounding lacquer using emulsion pastes and a power buffer. There are as many different techniques as there are methods and finish types.

I thought it would be a good idea to discus a few of them tonight. We have many attendees in the chats who know a lot about this subject. Share your methods, successes and failures. If you don't currently deluxe your finishes, you are missing a big step.

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