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Chicago Woodturners HELP!! *LINK*

Ricc Havens
>Does anyone know what's going on with the Chicago Woodturners? Last week I came across their website calendar and saw that David Elsworth was doing a 2day hands on workshop in November.

It said to contact Binh Pho for details. Well I have tried 4 times to contact him via the email address on their site and keep getting it bounced back as undeliverable.

Then last week I went to their contact list and emailed the club president for info. No response!!

I then went back to the contact list this past weekend and emailed the membership person shown on their contact list. Again no response!!

I would like to get more detailed info on cost and if it's open to non-club members. If not open to non-club members then I could spend the $20 bucks to join even though I am not close to the area for convenience of monthly meetings.

Are there ANY Chicago turners out there who could provide ANY info for me??

Newbie Turner
Ricc Havens
Elkhart, IN

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Chicago Woodturners HELP!! *LINK*
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