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BS Upgrade Tip for you.....

Michael Stadulis in New Jersey
>Hello people in the Philly and Southern NJ area....!!! West of Glassboro NJ.....near Williamstown is a local wholesale jobber by the name of Joseph Fazzio. This guy sells anything. Dominic tells me that he and his brother like to hang out there..;o) In any event, I was there this past weekend and noticed that they have several thousand springs in the "back room" and they look identical to the ones that Iturra Desin sells to upgrade 14" BS spring fro Delta/Jet 14" saws. They sell the springs in any size....any shape.....and any diameter for $3 per pound. By my guesstimate, that means that your new "upgrade tension spring" may cost you almost 75 cents...... Good deal compared to what they want for the same thing in the catalogues. Sounds like an opportunity for a group buy once you figure what you need.

-Mike Stadulis

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