Turning Archive 2004

finding your niche

John Lucas
>I was reading the article on Ron Layport in Woodturning magazine. He made a statement I found really interesting because I'm going through that dilema and I'm sure many of you are as well.

In talking about how he got where he is today he makes the statement "Each time I arrived at what I believed to be unclaimed territory, I found someone had already laid claim to it."

Since the world is getting smaller thanks to the internet it is much more difficult to find a style of turning that hasn't already been done. That's fine if your doing this a hobby but if you want to sell in the bigger galleries you must have a style you can call your own.

I hear the same thing over and over from the big names in turning. Find something your passionate about and put that in your turning. That's tougher than it seems. I'm starting to find some ways to say things but I don't think I've solved it yet.

Are any of you going through the same thought process. If so do you have any solutions or been able to plan a course of action to find your niche. John

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