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Vacuum Pump Advice

Don Orr
>Hey Folks, I'm starting to think about a vacuum chuck setup for my lathe. I've done some reading, such as Bill Noble's article, and looked on eBay. I'm getting confused (not a big surprise for me). I'd like to get some advice/opinions as to what is adequate for a woodturning vacuum chuck.
Can I use the AC/HVAC/Refrigerant type pumps?
What CFM should I be looking for? (I think I know that 20-25 in. Hg is good enough)
Oil filled or oil-less?
What else should I consider? Other references?
The rest of the setup is fairly straightforward and I should be able to handle that but the actual pump is confusing.
There are some good deals on eBay and the surplus catalogs and I want to get started on this.
Thanks in advance to all for your knowledge and input,


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