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End Grain Hollowing problems

Tug Fork Bob
>Lately I have been making goblets from spindle-oriented box elder, spalted hackberry, cherry and honey locust. I have been having a problem with chatter when hollowing the inside of the goblet. I have been following this process:

a. True up log between centers and turn either a spigot for my spigot jaws or a "dovetail" spigot for the "Powergrip" jaws on my Supernova chuck. At this point the rounded blank is something like 3-1/2" Dia. & 9" long.

b. Chuck on the spigot, use the tailstock center and turn the outside of goblet "bowl". I only shape it far enough down to visualize where the inside has to get turned.

c. Move the tailstock back & hollow the inside with a 3/8" fingernail ground bowl gouge. The only way I can hollow it is with a very light cut & a very sharp tool. I have tried cutting from the center out, but cutting from outside in seems to work just as well. I have also tried shear scraping using a round nose scraper from the inside. It chatters no matter what so I end up with tiny chips and lots of sanding.

After hollowing I pad the live center & bring it up to support the inside of the goblet & finish the stem & base with no problem.

Is this the nature of the beast with end grain hollowing, do I need a steady rest or ??

Any suggestions appreciated.

Bob Achenbach

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