Turning Archive 2004

I broke my banjo!

Matthew George
>I was cleaning up the last bit of un-eveness from the faceplate-end of a rather bigish Liveoak bowl blank, and the blank was big enough (probably about 10 or 11 inches)that the banjo wouldn't fit under the blank. So I had the extension holder in-place, and a 6" tool-rest in the extension. This arrangement seems to put a fair amount of torque on the banjo before I even apply tool to wood.

The blank was basically clean, and running pretty true; but I still had a fairly minor catch as I was cleaning up that final face -- and BLAMO! the cast-iron banjo just blows right in two!

This is the infamous HF34706 (Grizzly 5979 and Jet 1236 clone).

Are banjos replaceable after-market (and where)? I got one response on Woodnet suggesting I try to JBWeld the cast iron. Is this likely to be strong enough?

Any suggestions would be welcome. I am latheless until I replace or renew this part.


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