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Biggest Bowl Yet! *PIC*

David Hammond, in Powder Springs GA
>I had a huge Elm tree delivered right to my woodyard for free, just this past weekend - what more could you ask for? EMC had to take out this big Elm, and the guy wanted to not only give it to me, but deliver it! I couldn't resist cutting right into it, and I was very pleased with the splendid color the wood had. There's nothing like turning wood two days after a tree was felled. Though, like some of you guys mentioned, this Elm has a pretty nasty smell to it...

Here's the bowl, I'm not even quite done rough hollowing the inside, but another half hour should finish it up. 28" inches in diamter, about ten inches deep - I'm trying to catch up with your big one Terry! :o)


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Biggest Bowl Yet! *PIC*
Looks like you are knocking on the door
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