Turning Archive 2004

Experimental Bowl for Charlie! *PIC*

>This was a 'nothing-special', small elm bowl that Charlie would have loved to play with -- and about his size too!...But my coil-brand and I got to it first!...Sorry Charlie! :>)

Nothing like a weekend filled with a little experimentation with chemicals.

After branding the bowl's outside with curving lines, silver leaf was applied to ~80% of the black negative space. Then potash was applied resulting in a range of colors from silver, gold, brass, blue, to purples and then black.

What I like from the result of this experiment is that the piece has layers of interest: the texture of the branding, the curved lines, and the variety of colors from the patina, and the wood. Of course the picture is inadequate but it displays the "essence of the piece" (thanks Dave!)

I'm waiting to spray on a finish on the outside -- thinking I'll go with gloss but still pondering this.

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