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Finished the little bay bowl

Don Henthorn
>In spite of the fact that most of my turning equipment is packed away for our hoped for move I tried turning a small bowl with a 1/2" scraper, a 1/2" skew, and a parting tool. Of course I have no suitable arrangement for photos either, but thought I would post some pics of the pitiful little thing. Took the pictures outside in full shade on a buff background. Where did all the blue come from? Had no finish materials but some blond shellac flakes that had melted into a clump from the heat of storage. Had trouble with that because I first mixed it up way to heavy. The thing was made from a little piece of California Laurel and is 4 1/2" wide by 1 1/2" deep.

Sorry for the poor pictures

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Finished the little bay bowl
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