Turning Archive 2004

1st bowl *PIC*

>This is my first bowl...my first hollow form. It's made of New Zealand Rimu which was badly cracked and maybe even a bit spalted. I filled in the cracks with CA and turned the bowl.

The bowl is roughly 1.75" x 4". The walls are about an eight of an inch thick all the way down to the base. There was a small "foot" (?) cut to accomodate a chuck (externally) and it was ever so slightly hollowed out between the rims of the foot.

I finished it with pure Tung and Shellawax.

I know I've got a lot to learn especially about sanding. Some sanding marks are barely visible on the inside of the bowl despite the fact that I sanded to 12000MM.

But my real problem/question is that the chuck not only marked the edge of the foot, it actually chipped out sections of the foot when all was said and done. Anyone have any advice as to how to avoid both the chipping and the marking?

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