Turning Archive 2004

End Grain Bowls?

steve antonucci
>I roughed out an End grain bowl today from some box elder (I wanted to preserve the "red star"). Normally, I'd saw around the pith, etc. in prep, and this time I just needed to try something special with this wood.

After roughing to ~10% of finish diameter (17"), I sealead the entire affair in Anchorseal. I CA glued a few cracks with some sawdust (before sealing) and now I'm just hoping.

Two things jumped into my head- first, is there anything extra I can do to save 2 hours worth of work? Has anyone here tried an end grain bowl? Second, the Anchorseal "turned" the wood yellow. I know it'll turn off, but I've never seen wood change color (even though the can says it).

Lastly, if you've done this and have an example of how rewarding this can be, please encourage me. I would have done it anyway, but it would be nice to have something to motivate me later this winter.


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