Turning Archive 2004

choking and snorting

dave jeske
>Esteemed turners, I need some advice. I usually lurk quietly in the hand tool corner. I am not a prolific turner and generally try not to make too much dust in the shop. I have not yet quite mastered the art of turning without the need for a bit of sanding. Usually this is not much of an issue, however, I am working some African Blackwood and I am not getting along very well with the dust (and even the shavings). I believe it is irritating my sinuses. I have tried a cheapie dust mask but no sooner do I don the thing then my safty glasses fog up and I can't see what I am doing. Do I want to see or do I want to breathe? Hmmmmm. The turning forum on WC must have the answer! So please give me some advice. I will try to hook up a bit of a dust collection device with my shop vac but is there a good, relatively inexpensive solution for a dust mask that works with safety glasses? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.


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