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Hmm? cherry going soft VERY quickly

Mike Schwing from Maryland
>Roughed out a large black cherry blank the other night from a tree that was knocked over not two months ago in a thunderstorm. It was a healthy tree already leaning over somewhat due to it residing in a stream runoff path that had moved toward it in recent years.

I cut these blanks out the tree within 2 weeks of it falling, right from the base of the trunk. Sealed them up good with anchorseal and had them sitting on top of each other, forming a pile probably 5 feet high.

The wood was falling apart at the end grain. I could pull it out with my fingers. It would come off in little bits and pieces like the whole thing was made like a jigsaw puzzle with thousands of little bits. No matter how I worked it I could barely get a cut that didn't pull out wood.

I'm not talking about tearout, I'm talking about wood falling out. The long grain cut just fine and dandy but end grain cuts..not.

I finished roughing the blank but I'm going to be darned bummed if they're all that way. Might be a chance for me to start using Polyall as they're really nice looking blanks.

What happened? Sitting them oustide in the heat on top of each other, only slightly protected from rain? I have yet to dig into the second of those blanks, but have no reason to expect it'd be any different. This one was sitting on dead top of the pile.

I have oodles of cherry blanks prepped and being stored inside. I cut into one of them last week and it was as nice as apple pie.

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Hmm? cherry going soft VERY quickly
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