Turning Archive 2004


David Yoho
>I've just uploaded our four newest Shop Shots. Three of the four share a central theme of using existing resources to create new projects.

Thanks to these talented folks for the latest submissions:

Stephen Yale - Shot #618 - puts his recently acquired mortiser through its paces with this project. He also shares how he lowers the cost of materials by utilizing and recycling those on hand.

David Sophusson - Shot #619 - and his wife, Becky, take on the job of reclaiming a "ratty old desk" to give it new life. Take a look at the wonderful job they did in this Shop Shot.

Roger Mallory - Shot #620 - cut down and milled a walnut tree years ago, about the same time his niece was born. Keeping it stored away all that time for that "special" project, he built this beautiful hope chest for her graduation.

Gerald Caryl - Shot #621 - and his wife are partners in their custom woodworking business. Together they put images on wood. He carves them using a handheld router and she paints them. Take a look at some of the lovely designs they've created.

David Yoho
Editor - Shop Shots

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