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Five Barns Preliminary Report

Bill Grumbine, Kutztown PA
>Greetings all

The picnic from the perspective of the Grumbine family was a huge success. People came, had fun, and went home with smiles on their faces. This is not because we did a great job, it is because EVERYBODY who came did a great job. We could not have pulled it off without the participation of all of you who attended.

The amount and the quality of the food was excellent. People kept showing up with their arms full of good things to eat and drink, and believe me, it was eaten and drunk up! The cleanup after the fact today was amazing. I think I picked up a total of five water bottles and soda cans from tables and such in the shop and off the picnic table. Other than that, it was as if someone had hired a janitor to come in. There was nothing lying around that needed cleaning. Lisa really appreciated all the help in the food preparation and delivery department. We must have had over 100 people all told this time, and it is a lot of work to feed that many. With all the willing hands, it was a relatively easy task.

There was not as much lathe work going on as in years past, but that is okay. We don't want you flat board or hand tool people feeling left out. We had a marquetry demo that was totally amazing. There were several demos on the lathe, but the biggie was the Woodmizer. I had a big log, and Malcolm Timbers contributed a few logs, and then they sawed up some of my turning stock for me. If the sun had not started to set, they would still be there sawing!

The show and tell table was also a sight to behold. By far the finest piece was a bombe chest brought in by Paul Dzioba made of curly cherry. But there were many other pieces of extremely high quality and beauty as well. Lots of comments were made on the quality of work displayed by all of the participants.

All we can say is thank you all to all of you who participated. This picnic is what you make of it, and for us it was a great time again. I will post some pictures, although I do not have many, as I spent the time running around and tending to details. All I have to say at this point is, we will look forward to seeing you all next year. Mark your calendars for the last week in July, for Five Barns 2005!


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Five Barns Preliminary Report
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