Turning Archive 2004

Fingernail grind bowl gouges

Dennis Taylor (Akron, Ohio)
>I took a green bowl turning class today, and now am in the market for a bowl gouge.... understand that a 3/8 gouge with the finernail/celtic grind is the tool to own....here is my question.. is there enough differnce between the tool from say Packard (there fingernail profile gouge) and Sorby to warrant the price difference?.... I am open to either, but just wondered if the cost difference is really because of the tool or the name?..... I do not recall the cost of the Packard tool, but the Sorby from Woodcraft is in the 65.00 range and Packard is close to 1/2 the price...tks for the input...had a great class today and eager to make some bowls now...Dennis

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