Turning Archive 2004

Powermatic 3520A defect

>I unpacked tools from AAW demos this morning and found that my tool rest post now wouldn't fit into the post socket on my Stubby banjo- more dimples than a golf ball, due to the small round points on the Powermatic post socket lock screws. The lathe in my demo room was the first model that I have encountered that had 2 lock screws. These dents deformed the post enough that precise positioning is not the quick sure movement it once was on Studly, my Stubby. This dent problem can be eliminated by grinding flat the inside tip of the threaded lock screw(s),and the increased friction will actually improve the holding power as well as eliminate the denting. I consider the Powermatic 3520A to be the best middleweight lathe value on the market, and am disappointed that such an easily remedied problem was overlooked in production.

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