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Thread re: Vicmarc Helped Me .....

>Albeit it was a long thread with several chapters, it helped me because I am having similar problems with General. As some of you already know, 3 months after I got my new General 160-2, I had to replace the reeves drive. I purchased it from Ashman (now out of business!), Chris from General tech support sent a new drive (no charge, I returned the old one). Eight months later that drive system didn't work, this time Chris sent the whole front panel (armature, dial and reeves drive), I had to remove the old one and replace this unit ALONE (6 hr. job for a little old lady!). That was Feb. 2003 then 3 months ago one of the pulley's on the reeves drive fell off and was flopping on the spindle; all 3 set screws just fell out (I don't think so; what are the chances all 3 would fall out?).

Now, after reading this thread, I think I should tell General "no more". Do you think it would be fair to ask for an upgrade to the 260, credit for my lathe, I'll pay the difference and shipping but they have to take my lathe back? I'm not very good at confrontation, I usually back down so I guess I'm looking for advice, opinions, suggestions, Help.


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