Turning Archive 2004

chuck recommendations with apologies

Eric Kuehne
>And so I come humbly once againg to the Well of Knowledge.

I have recently started down the slippery slope of turning with the purchase of a Jet 1236. I am at the point of buying a chuck and think that I have it pretty much narrowed down to the Super Nova and Talon models which I have found for pretty much equivalent prices. The question is which way to go. I have no particular bias for or against keys or levers. I've searched the archives and read everything I can find but don't see anything really helps me. I'm a real newbie and honestly don't know if the two chucks are even equivalent. My tool buying philosophy that the price only hurts for a little while whereas the wrong selection causes unending pain.

Any opinions or advice would be much appreciated. If you have another brand or model you think I should look at I am totally open.

Thanks all for your help.

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