Turning Archive 2004

Sioux Angle Drill Redux *LINK*

Peter Teubel
>A friend of mine has a Sioux angle drill that was broke with the usual rear bearing failure issue. In a previous post, someone quoted a part number for a sealed bearing replacement, but my local bearing supply house could not make heads or tails of that number. However, the one that fit is an "R4RS". I installed it and its working fine. A MUCH quieter drill now.

FYI: If you need parts for the Sioux, you can order them directly from the Sears parts web page (see link below). Put in "0375-1" for the MODEL NUMBER. Its for the Milwaukee angle drill, but they are the same as the Sioux. I order brushes for my DeWalt drills from there frequently.

Just thought I'd pass it on to everyone...

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