Turning Archive 2004

Thanks, Wally

Carol Reed - Strawberry,AZ
>Thanks, Wally, for the turning lesson at Sophie's BBQ. I finally got home and am catching up on all the things that pile up when you are gone three weeks.

I am pleased with the bowl. I will take a better picture and post it here as time permits. I am already critical of it, but I am proud of the first effort.

Now the questions begin. I do have a motley collection of turning tools, none of them properly sharpened, I am sure. When you get back to Arizona, I'd like to schedule another lesson with you. Meantime, please comment on a sharpening jig and wheel to acquire. I do have a grinder but I am unsure of the wheels now on it. What should I get?

Comments from others gratefully considered as well.

Looks like I got the bug. Is there a cure? :-)

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