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WC Turner's Mobile Base *PIC*

Dominic Greco in sunny Richboro, PA
>WC Emailed me pictures of his newly fabricated mobile base for his PM 3520A, and asked that I post them on Wood Central.

Here is a the text (edited for content version) of the email he sent me:

"I recently posted that I was completing my mobile for my PM3520A. Since your Jet is similar, I thought you might be interested in seeing it. I just took the idea from Henning Johanson on the WOW site, & converted it to my 3520A.

I was gonna try to post a pic on WC Turning site, but, I didn't know how. I've just recently got a cheap digital camera, & am still learning about it also. ......Since I don't have a website, I was gonna try to follow the posting instructions on WC, but, it appears that the pic file size is too large, as 40KB is the limit, & these are 42.9 KB, I think. Anyway, if you get these, you're welcome to post them on WC forum, if you know how, &/or want to."

WC Turner

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WC Turner's Mobile Base *PIC*
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