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Vicmarc Trouble***

David Wheeler
>I want to thank Terry and a few others who have helped over the past several months. Nearly a year ago I purchased a new VL100 with the VFD option; extended bed; and extra chucks (total over $1000). From the time I received it there was excessive vibration and heat build up. Over several weeks several suggestions were given and tried, to no avail. Finally Vicmarc interceded and said they were sending me a replacement lathe. This was four months ago. Three weeks ago they said it was being sent out. Today I get an email and they have decided they WILL NOT send it out!

Furthermore, at my expense, they want me to ship it out for repairs! This is completely unacceptable customer service.

I have Powermatic, Felder, Minimax, and SAC equipment, to name a few; and whenever there was an issue it was addressed promptly.

I am/was new to woodturning; but I wanted a good quality lathe to learn on; the folks in this forum recommended Vicmarc and others; but Vicmarc seemed to be a good value for me. Little did I know that this was how they treat a customer.

This is the first time I have ever had to leave a negative mark on a company; and am almost embarrassed to do so... But I have been extremely patient in waiting for a resolution; and can hardly believe that this is how Vicmarc wants to deal with this issue.

Since it was through this forum that I made my decision to purchase a Vicmarc; it only seems right for me to leave this so that someone else won't have to go through what I've experienced!

If somehow Vicmarc changes their mind about this, I will surly post accordingly. I have absolutely no reason to flame them; as I only want to use my lathe for the simple things I purchased it for.
-David Wheeler

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